Our Promise

We promise to treat you to a healthy serving of genuine Maritime hospitality and good old-fashioned fun.

With Roads To Sea, you benefit from our unique and personalized tour experience. You’ll explore New Brunswick’s spectacularly beautiful and diverse coastal and rural landscapes, while learning about our fascinating ecology, colourful history, diverse culture, and–of course–the highest tides in the world.

The Four “E’s”

Our tours are entertaining, educational, exciting, and eco-friendly.

One honkin' big lobster

Entertaining: You won’t find boring travel monologue here! We thrive on spontaneity and laughter, so come prepared to have a grand old time. A relaxed and informal style is part of our East Coast charm and hospitality. Our tour guides come pre-packaged with humour and wit.

Nature lesson

Educational: A “Roads To Sea” Guided Tour is a nature-based tourism experience, activity, and attraction, all rolled into one pretty cool package. We guarantee that our guests will leave with a deeper understanding of the natural and cultural history of our region and carrying with them an experience worthy of remembering time and time again.

Dickson Falls

Exciting: What can be more exciting than experiencing the world’s highest tides, walking the ocean floor, dipping your toes into the Bay of Fundy, cracking a lobster with your bare hands, or snapping a selfie with a lighthouse in the background?

birdinhandEco-Friendly: We promote, encourage, and foster environmentally-sustainable practices that respect our beautiful landscapes and all its inhabitants. That means we walk softly and carry a big stick for those who don’t!

Hmm…oh yes…and we have one more ‘E’ to offer….Experience. Our guides are professionally certified through the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council of Canada and hold First Aid and CPR certificates.

We operate 7 days a week from May 1 to October 31–rain or shine.

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